Taking Confirmation Classes

Growing up within any faith makes it difficult to separate out other parts of life, but confirming the commitment to stay within it is a time when young adults are asked to do exactly that. They are given an opportunity to learn more about their religion, and the church uses this time to help them decide whether or not they wish to remain. Some churches will educate them and ask them to leave for a while to explore other options. Many churches have them attend classes and then immediately perform the ritual to become adults.

One religion that gives young adults a chance to experience more of the world than their faith is the Amish, and they have done it for many years. When a young adult is old enough to be in the world on their own, they are encouraged to leave the protective arms of the church. Once they have moved to another area, they are expected to take full advantage of everything that life has to offer.

Breaking away from the strict rules of their home, it would seem that the majority of Amish children would never return. Unfortunately for them, many do not have the education or experience to remain in the modern world. They are used to living in an agricultural society where life is managed at a slower and steady pace, and the modern world wears on them after a short time.

The average time a young Amish adult is gone is approximately a year, and most of them return to take up the life they knew before. Few of them stray from the strictures of the church, and they pass on their traditions to their children. It might seem to be an odd way for them to become adults, but they are given a chance to make an informed decision.