Retaking Wedding Vows

Many marriages take place every year in churches, parks, homes and other venues. These are always a day of happiness and promise for the future. It is unfortunate that this promise of a wonderful future for many marriages end in divorce. For those that stay the course over the years, retaking their wedding vows is a lovely way to celebrate a special anniversary. Many older couples are now going through this ceremony as a celebration of their faith as well. They arrange to say their vows, often in the same church where they married, and invite family and friends as witnesses.

Retaking wedding vows is not quite the same ceremony as getting married. The couple has already had a wedding day, so the ceremony is generally shorter. Couples do not have a mass when they take their vows again. Planning the event may still take as much time and effort as a regular wedding. It depends on how the couple wants their event celebrated. The couple is often intent on recreating the day they pledged their lives together. Attendance is generally for close friends and family members.

Not all churches participate in ceremonies for retaking wedding vows. It is important to call the local church and ask if they will perform this ceremony. Churches that do will often require couples to make the same scheduling arrangements and payments that a couple just getting married would have to make. The expenses are as low as possible. Churches work hard to make scheduling convenient for the couple as well.

While it is not necessary to retake wedding vows, more couples are participating in this ceremony, even going to the extent of hiring a local wedding makeup artist to make them feel special. It has become a statement of their ability to build a life together as one. Celebrating by saying vows in a church setting lends beauty and continuity to the ceremony and the marriage.